Episode 12

Published on:

9th Nov 2020

12. Fixed Stars with Amaya Rourke & Oscar Diaz

Kirah sits down with fellow astrologers Amaya Rourke & Óscar Moisés Díaz to talk about fixed stars and parans. Amaya & Oscar break down the concepts of parans and the beauty of using them in astrological consults. You'll learn so much!!

Parans are an astrological technique that few specialize in (and one that Kirah knows little about) so you're in for a treat.

See below for the resource list that Amaya & Oscar made for us, as well as links to learn more about them and their work!

Amaya's Links


@feralvenefica on Twitter


Oscar's Links


@cielosueloastrology on Instagram

@cielosueloastro on Twitter

Kirah's Links


@thestrology on Instagram

@thestrology_on Twitter

Resource List

Brady's Book of Fixed Stars by Bernadette Brady

Star and Planet Combinations by Bernadette Brady 

Secrets of the Ancient Skies by Diana Rosnberg 

Pillars of Destiny by Aleksander Imsiragic   

Star Names: Their Lore and Meaning by Richard Hinckley Allen 

Star Lore: Myths, Legends, and Facts by William Tyler Olcott 

Hamlet's Mill by Giorgio de Santillana and Hertha Von Dechend 

Meaning and Being of Myth by Norman Austin 

Here's the link to my Youtube page where you can watch the video version of this interview.

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