Episode 16

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21st Dec 2020

16. BONUS! Joint Astrology Reading with Sabrina Monarch

Hello friends! Happy Solstice, Happy Great Conjunction, happy almost end of 2020!

Kirah sat down with the fabulous Sabrina Monarch to do a joint chart reading!

Miranda is a patron of the show who won a free reading on the Trine Tier. Listen as Kirah & Sabrina delineate Miranda's chart from their very different approaches.

Some links!

Join Kirah's new community, The Eleventh House! The Eleventh House is a community for students and enthusiasts of astrology to gather, connect, and learn together. Doors for the 1st cohort close 12/22 at 11pm PST!

Fresh Voices In Astrology has new webinars coming in January featuring Dignity Babes and Jake Green on the Lots.

Sabrina Monarch


Sabrina's Evolutionary Astrology Course

The next evolutionary astrology intensive (Pluto based astrology) begins January 2021!

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Me, Kirah Tabourn


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Here's the link to the Youtube page where you can watch the video version of this interview.

See you in February with Season 2!

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