Episode 6

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29th Mar 2021

The 6th & 12th Houses with ET Shipley & Kirstin Wu

Kirah is joined by ET Shipley & Kirstin Wu to finish out the houses series on the 6th & 12th houses.

Here's a note from Erin about this episode: “Hi all, Erin (ET), here. I want to give listeners a heads up that I used some ableist language in our discussion. I was referencing 12th-house topics linked to mental illness. With care for listeners in mind, Kirah had those words edited out of our talk. I am working on being more precise and wielding language (astrological and otherwise), with more social awareness. My deep apologies to anyone affected by my lack of care and consciousness in conversation. If you want to know more, have a look at this link that Kirstin Wu sent to us in the wake of this rich discussion. Thanks for being with us as we all practice tools of transformative justice.”

Erin Tack Shipley is a liberation-centered astrologer. She works to help people see themselves clearly and affirm your purpose, without burning out or abusing wellness tools.

Erin provides astrological guidance to socially-conscious individuals through 1:1 counseling, written content, and live workshops. Over the last decade she has worked as an advocate, educator and capacity-builder within multiple intersectional feminist organizations, learning first-hand the challenges that pervade social justice environments. Erin writes about the intersection of wellness and justice because she understands how vital the relationship between them is for liberation - and how often that relationship turns toxic. Most of her clients are bad-ass activists navigating burnout or compassionate healers who are seeking to be more mindful of their capacity to do harm. Erin believes that people doing de-colonial work should have solid support and that wellness leaders should conduct their practices with conscious integrity. She understands that being well and being free are inherently linked - and we need both to belong and affect change for a better world.

Erin lives and works on unceded and occupied Native Popeloutchom (Amah Mutsun), Awaswas and Ohlone Land (also known as Santa Cruz, California). Her work is deeply influenced by my peers and colleagues as well as living healers, educators and activists such as Rachael Rice, Toi Smith, Carmen Spagnola, Bayo Akomolafe, adrienne maree brown, Eryn Wise, Jen Lemen, Joanna Macy, Donna Haraway and Layli Maparyan.

She is currently working on an astrological research project to help clients and astrologers alike better navigate the impact of environmental and systemic collapse. In this research she is paying special attention to cadent houses and spaces in the chart on the declining side of the angles. My orientation is firmly rooted in Traditional and Hellenistic Astrology with the goal of ultimately developing a technique designed to support people in moments of enormous urgency. She will likely open a second round of research consults in the summer of this year.




Kirstin Wu is an astrologer, writer, tarot reader and student of plants. They believe in building collective resilience and disrupting systems of power through nurturing relationships with human and non-human kin. Their practice aims to hold spaces of care to help others - especially those who are marginalised - root into their complexity and agency, towards a more intimate connection with life. 



Kirah Tabourn is an astrologer, author, and educator passionate about increasing intersectionality and accessibility within the astrology community. She is the founder of NFLUX, an astrology & culture magazine that centers and celebrates POC & queer folks in spirituality, art, and activism. She hosts a virtual community called The Eleventh House for students and lovers of astrology to connect and launched her first course, The Strology Fundamentals. Kirah is also the Director of Fresh Voices in Astrology, a platform that spotlights emerging astrologers in the field. She will be speaking at NORWAC 2021, and her first book, Zodiac Signs: Pisces was released in February 2020.



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Thanks, and talk to you again next Monday!

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