Episode 2

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1st Mar 2021

The Angular Houses with Diana Rose & Pao Rodelas

Diana Rose Harper & Pao Rodelas join Kirah to kick off a series of episodes on the 12 Houses in Astrology by talking about the Angular Houses. The Angular Houses are the 1st house, the 4th house, the 7th house and the 10th house.

Kirah just launched The Strology School, with two main offerings:

The Strology Fundamentals Course and The Eleventh House membership community.

Check out links below for all of these offerings + her upcoming webinars, as well as Diana & Pao's links!

Enroll in The Strology School today! Registration closes on March 10th at 11pm PST.

The Strology School

The Strology Fundamentals Course

The Eleventh House

Fresh Voices Webinar - The Birthchart Of The World

Inner Sense Workshop - Your Chart Ruler & The Pace and Perspective of Your Life

Paola Rodelas is an astrologer, community and labor organizer, and powerlifter. Her SMR are Leo Sun, Taurus Moon, and Taurus Rising. She is a traditional astrologer who launched her astrology practice in 2019. She specializes in natal chart and solar return chart readings, but is hoping to do more electional and horary chart readings. She co-hosts two astrology podcasts: Pinaystrology (@pinaystrology) and Fixed Astrology Podcast (@fixedastropod). She currently lives in Hawai'i.

Check out her podcast Pinay Astrology

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Me, Kirah Tabourn


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