Episode 20

Published on:

26th Apr 2022

Venusian Afternoons: The Astrology of 4.25-5.15

For our final Venusian Afternoons of the season, we have our lovely CUSP App horoscope writing team joining us to talk about the astrology of the next three weeks. We cover Venus conjoining Neptune & Jupiter, Eclipse Season, Mercury retrograde, Jupiter in Aries and more! Tune in to enjoy the brilliance of these amazing astrologers and get the lowdown on the weeks to come. Download the CUSP app below.

Isaiah translates the language of the stars through poetic musings as a Dynamic Astrologer and well-being Practitioner, uniquely divining their movements to empower our journey of self-discovery through their writings and teachings. With 6 years of experience in the study of Astrology, Esotericism, Tarot and Numerology, Isaiah helps to practically navigate the collective, while conscious of the constraints of the world we exist within.

With an intuitive, experiential and trauma-informed approach and use of divine tools, Isaiah’s focus is not only to guide but ensure progression for the community.


Instagram @theelysianaquarius

Twitter: @elysianaquarius

TikTok: @elysianaquarius

Natali Nicole is an astrologer and tarot reader with over three years’ experience who supports people in creating more intimate relationships with themselves. She has a professional background in education/youth development and a deep interest in psychology that deeply inform her divination practice. She approaches her readings as a facilitator, guiding her clients to trust their own knowing. “You are always bringing your own magic, I am simply translating the symbols to facilitate your path forward.”

IG: @natali.nicole

Twitter: @natali__nicole

Amber Jay is an astrologer with over 10 years of astrological research under her belt. She utilizes astrology as a practical tool that is enlightening and freeing, focusing on pulling out the inherent wisdom that lies within all of us. You can find her for regular spiritual and astrological guidance at https://instagram.com/amberjaylightstheway.


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xx Kirah

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